Friday, December 3, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The genre of The Hunger Game books is definitely not my favorite and is usually very difficult for me to get through. I enjoyed this series, very much, even though the violence is so hard to get past. I know that Collins is making a statement about war, killing, power, etc., but it was a difficult thing to witness as you came to love the characters of the novels. I was specifically disappointed with the way Collins kills Finnick with no real honor or is almost an aside that he is killed as they flee the mutts that are chasing the rebels through the tunnel. Perhaps it is another statement that, in the end, death is a common thing and there is no real glory or heroism in it. I am just not sure.

I noticed a motif of flowers throughout the novels that I have also not figured out. Many characters names suggest flowers, real or fictious (Katniss, Gale Hawthorne, Prim [Primrose], Rue, Buttercup,and others. Then, there are Snow's roses, Katniss burying Rue under the flowers, the flowers of the meadows, daisies in the song, and a dandelion in the final paragraph of the last chapter. I am not sure if the flowers are significant and symbolic or much more simply there and should not be overanalyzed.

I look forward to the movie version of this series, although I cannot imagine how I can enjoy the gory violence that will have to be a part of this.

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